A Guide to Sourcing and Hiring a Painter


For a super finish in your newly renovated or built house, you will require a professional painter. Many are the times' homeowners have hired a painter only for them to have the job repeated as the painter fails to do a professional job. To avoid this, use the following tips when choosing a painter:


Ask for recommendations from neighbors, friend, family or even colleagues at work. Working with a painter or any contractor whom you have seen his or her work is the best option since you know the contractor's capabilities. Visit some of the neighbor's houses to see a combination of colors used and get a referral for the painter from Textbook Painting.


Determine the number of painters to hire depending on the job. If the building is large, you might require a team of painters. Hiring one painter for a large building will cost more as the painter will take more days to finish the job, go here!


Search online for painters on social media pages, as well as various company's websites. Most painting companies provide a portfolio of their previous work as well as contacts of clients they have worked with as their referrals customers. Once you establish a good painter, call a few of the clients to get reviews. Be sure to peruse through the feedback given by other clients. Positive feedback shows the painting company does a professional job.


Invite a few individual painters or painting companies to visit the site and quote for the job. Avoid contractors who offer to provide a quotation through a telephone call. A good painter should visit the website, listen to your expectations regarding the job as well as offer advice where necessary. Sometimes, the homeowner might be having impractical wishes; hence, it is the role of the painter to advise what is possible and what is not possible when it comes to painting the house.


Evaluate the quotations on the basis of the quoted prices as well as other details such as the duration of time the painter has indicated will take to finish the job. Consider the painter who has offered a warranty on the job done, in cases where the paint chops off with a given period of time. The quality of paint to be used is also very essential. Use of low-quality paint will see the homeowner repainting the house now and then.


Lastly, ensure that the painter you hire has been licensed by the relevant bodies. In case there arise complaints regarding the quality of work done by the painter, you will be able to report the painter to the appropriate registering authority. Check out this website at and know more about painters.